Third Coast Ensemble

1917 – 2017

celebrate one century of jazz between Europe and USA

Large french-american orchestra

created by Nautilis, directed by Rob Mazurek

After 5 years playing and exchanging with musicians from Chicago, Nautilis Ensemble created a large french-american orchestra.
Rob Mazurek composed the music on this concept :
On America’s “third coast”, the shore of Lake Michigan lends it’s grace to Chicago’s skyline. Lake Michigan is both a geographical wonder and, at times, a treacherous hazard. Since the 17th century, thousands of ships have sunken into the lake and have taken tens of thousands of souls with them to the depths. Likewise, sailors have suffered a similar fate off of the shores of Brittany, where the sea’s raw power and inherent danger is at once awe inspiring and terrifying.

This new suite by Rob Mazurek titled, The Wrecks: Short Stories of About the History (Past, Present and Future) of Shipwrecks Off the Coast of Brittany and Chicago, seeks to capture the physicality, horror, spirituality and stories of the sea and lake at the point of sinking a ship or boat. The composition draws off of historical data, first hand accounts of shipwrecks off both shores, magical realism and steampunk aesthetics.

Line up : 

Rob Mazurek (composition, direction, cornet, electronics) USA,
Tomeka Reid (cello) USA,
Mazz Swift (violin) USA,
Nicole Mitchell (flutes) USA,
Christophe Rocher (clarinets)France,
Nicolas Peoc’h (saxophone)France,
Irvin Pearce (saxophone) USA,
Philippe Champion (trumpet)France,
Steve Berry (trombone) USA,
Jeff Parker (guitar) USA,
Christofer Bjurström (piano) France,
Fred Briet (double bass) France,
Lou Mallozzi (voice, electronics) USA,
Vincent Raude (electronics)France,
Avreeayl Ra (drums) USA,
Nicolas Pointard (drums) France
Sylvain Thévenard : Sound Ingeneer

Alexandre Pierrepont : Artistics advises and Texts