Eight musicians, complementary universes and one idea of the music
which takes place in plurality.

Our statement consists in the creation of a desire of exploration as much for the public as for musicians who
work with us. Diversity give us the opportunity to reach the kind of creation we defend, that is why we work
with many others musicians and artists, sometimes just for a gig or two, other times for longer partnerships.

Our strength lies in our know-how, our long experience and our large network in the music field,
help us to create new shows, generate exchanges and partnerships, and the passion with
which we do music.

If we had to say more precisely what we do, to name wich music we play, we would say that our legacy
comes from jazz, 
contemporary and free music, diging the path of experimentations and the creative musics,
to give Nautilis’s music the color 
of the unexpected. This approach of creation and research freed of bounds
creates naturally artistic breaths. 
In this way, Nautilis is engaged in encounters, generates bridges and
fosters partnerships with many independent 
artists and musicians belonging to other ensembles, groups,
and even festivals, 
in France but also in the United States, tomorrow probably in Canada, later, elsewhere …
Since its creation in 2011, it is over 128 gigs (including 32 abroad) wich have been done, and 4 trips
organized for the creation of albums, recordings and tours in United States.


Our best tool for international exchanges  :
« ARCH » or the will to create bridges…

Curious of the other, the foreigner, the different, Nautilis in collaboration with the ethnomusicologist Alexandre Pierrepont,
has built an international exchange program for 4 years now which took place in Chicago.

The strength of this project is to be carried and supported jointly by Nautilis and Penn Ar Jazz, programmer structure of concerts. This partnership offers, among other things, the opportunity for the musicians of Brest and other countries to be programmed into Atlantic Jazz Festival, organized by Penn Ar Jazz in October in Brest, but also to welcome foreign players on French soil by the way of numerous actions in order to better exploit the potential of this exceptional project and develop it.

By this way the ARCH project promises bilaterality posed in ideal conditions for balanced shares, able to feed one side or the other. Open to all disciplines, Nautilis is not restricted to the field of music, and can meet any structure or individual carrying an idea to share and develop.



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Here are the shows which are ready to be exported, whom the artists

are ready to participate to any kind of exchanges.

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