Music can electrify or seduce, hypnotize or awaken, provoke the desire to dance or melancholy. The Nautilis Ensemble has been conducting this project for several years, inspired by scientific and artistic research. The musical composition and the lyrics put the listener in a sensory journey that questions the perception of time, pleasure or rejection, the emotional state and that of awakening. Come and try the experience!

BRAIN SONGS is a show that evokes, in a totally poetic way, the almost physical link between the brain of musicians and that of their listeners, in the context of a concert. This creation is inspired by the scientific and artistic research conducted on this theme for several years by the Nautilis Ensemble and the researcher Nicolas Farrugia, within the framework of conferences-concerts (Brain Songs #1) and a musical and visual show (Brain Songs #2). From these experiments, a poetic and musical imagination emanates, based as much on the knowledge brought by neurosciences, as on the emotional intuition of the musicians confronted with these experiments.

On stage, the music composed by Christophe ROCHER was inspired by the objective to make the spectator go through different inner states, aroused by the music. The musical composition, whose function here is rather to propose lines of improvisation, will endeavor to put the public in a situation of sensory voyage which questions the perception of time, the pleasure or the rejection, the emotional state and the state of awakening. This will be the occasion to propose a new instrumental formula at the service of a music with multiple influences (poly-speed, repetitions, textures, melodies, colors, improvisations) stemming from the strong personalities of each musician with, at each moment, the idea to illusionize the listener.

Claudia SOLAL proposes 6 texts (that she will sing) in connection with the subject, resulting from a form of automatic writing. These texts are orchestrated by Christophe ROCHER, in the form of references to aesthetics recognizable to the public in the form of winks to pop, soul, minimalist music or freejazz… These written parts will alternate with improvisations guided by concepts of intentions related to the supposed inner states (of the musicians, as well as of the audience): for this creation, the music will be categorized from the point of view of its effect on the brain of the listeners, on hypothetical curves which thus characterize the inner state of the listener according to two variables: the valence (which can approach the state of pleasure) and the state of meditation (or cerebral activity).

With the financial support from DRAC Bretagne,  Région Bretagne, Conseil Départemental du Finistère, City of Brest, and SACEM

The 8 musicians of the Nautilis Ensemble have strong personalities, recognized for several decades in the worlds of jazz, creative improvised music and / or contemporary music, this gives a unique character to this orchestra. The meeting of electronics and acoustic instruments allows a music out of time and clichés, which oscillates between experimental music and new forms of repetitive grooves.

Christophe ROCHER (clarinets and composition)

Claudia SOLAL (voice, lyrics)

Christian PRUVOST (trumpet)

Stéphane PAYEN (saxophone)

Nicolas POINTARD (drums)

Céline RIVOAL (accordion)

Fred B.BRIET (doublebass)

Christelle SÉRY (guitar)

Brain Song

Radio concert of Ensemble Nautilis – improvized live at Carreau du Temple (Paris) during Anne Montaron’s (Radio France) program À l’improviste :

Excerpts from the concert organized on December 4th, 2022 by CNCM Cesare, at SHED in Reims.



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