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Few word of history about the ARCH

  After managing to establish strong bounds with the scenes of Chicago and New York, Nautilis work to extend the ARCH project to other countries, while continuing to work with the United States. Started in 2012, the project takes shape in the music scene of Chicago. Exchanges which aim to confront the methods of composition, pedagogy and musical practices. The Chicago scene is rich in cultural exchanges and artists collectives, Alexandre Pierrepont contributed initially to organize concerts and meetings between Nautilis’s musicians and carefully selected American musicians in New York and Chicago, as well that the working sessions on teaching......

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ARCH MONTREAL : the summary of a first week of artistic meetings

Three artists from Montreal have came in Brest to meet three of Nautilis’s musicians  with who they created new bounds, crossed their practices, explored common artistic territories. During the last year, the Nautilis Ensemble and the association Penn Ar Jazz, creators of the ARCH, an international exchanges program, built differents contacts and bounds in the musical scene of Montreal with the idea to meet new artists. They first met Peter Burton, artistic director of the festival Suoni Per Il Popolo. Thanks to him, the Nautilis’s musicians managed to meet Jason Sharp and Geneviève Gauthier, both saxophon players, and the dancer......

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